Read what girls are saying about how their lives are being changed and inspired.

“I'd just like to say thank you for this amazing opportunity. I had so much fun and I can't wait to share what I learned with my school. I honestly came here expecting the girls to be mean, judgmental and competitive, but this is the most wonderful set of girls I've ever met in my life. Everyone is genuinely kind with great personalities and I'm so glad I got to meet them.” 

- Shantae, 2016 Teen Conference Attendee


“I had an amazing time! I've never been more comfortable with a group of girls and felt like I belonged somewhere. I admire what you've done and I'm sure you'll see me again next year. I already can't wait.”  

- Caitlyn, 2016 Teen Conference Attendee

Extremely inspiring and life-changing conference. I loved every minute of it. I stepped out of shell a lot more this weekend than probably ever before and it felt amazing being outgoing and friendly with everyone I met. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I'll remember it forever.”  

- Alena, 2016 Teen Conference Attendee


"I really enjoyed this program. It helped me overcome my insecurities and shyness. It also enabled me to reach out of my comfort zone and talk to other girls with confidence. I felt empowered and touched by the speakers with different backgrounds who talked about their personal lives, struggles and achievements. Thank you.

- Jasmine, 2016 Teen Conference Attendee

“New York City is filled with influential and inspiring people, but few that are as impressive as Lauren Curiotto. What makes Lauren stand out is her commitment to empowering those around her and ability to form an instant connection with anyone she meets … I’ve been privileged to be a supporter of her work and to collaborate with her on multiple speaking engagements and events; it is clear to me that the work ethic, passion, and precision she brings to every one of her tasks is unparalleled. Lauren has established herself as a role model, thought-leader, and expert in the social sector over the past few years and I’m looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future. “
— Samir Goel, Co-founder, Transfernation

Read what teachers are saying about why Finding the Fabulous’ programs are so relevant to girls today!

"As an educator I have the opportunity to see first hand the effects of today’s culture on my students. I have taught girls ranging from ages six to fourteen and it is incredibly discouraging to see the way they belittle themselves, bully the girls they should be united with, and how they have no belief in themselves. It is refreshing and encouraging to see Finding the Fabulous break down the insecurities and strongholds that today’s young girls have to encounter on a daily basis. I believe that this organization has the ability to save the lives of many young females."

- Lauren Sylvester, Wyckoff School District, NJ


"As a first grade teacher, I see first hand how important it is for children to have positive role models in their lives. At even this young age, I work with so many children, especially girls, that have such a low self-esteem and battle with insecurities day after day and think so poorly of themselves; how beautiful is it that Finding the Fabulous was created to give these girls the powerful influence to help tear down their insecurities and build up their confidence. Society always shares about the negative role models. It is exciting to know that as a teacher, an organization like this does just the opposite; it’s available to support these young girls to offer them the positive change in thinking to result in their future success!"

- Kelly Frasca, West Milford School District, NJ


"As an educator, I know how important it is for a child to believe in him/herself. Finding the Fabulous fosters a fun, safe, and educational environment conducive to the development and exploration of ideas, confidence, and creativity. Finding the Fabulous looks to combat the typical stereotypes, media pressure, and other challenges young girls face today."

- Danielle Chesney, Haledon School District, NJ

"As a parent and teacher of adolescents I couldn’t be more excited to promote Finding the Fabulous Inc.  My daughter has attended the Finding the Fabulous Summer Camp for 3 years. Each year she comes away from the week more confident and focused on her unique gifts and talents.  I truly believe she is building a network of young women that are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging one another to celebrate their unique identities."

- Christine Fiorendino, Little Falls School District, NJ


"I have been a high school teacher and coach for 27 years and have prayed for an organization like Finding the Fabulous for the future women of our country. On a daily basis I watch high school aged girls struggle to find confidence and take pride in being leaders. The cruelty of a teenage girl’s world has been exasperated as social media bombards their lives. Every thought, emotion, mood, and action is posted for the world to see- leaving girls feeling more vulnerable than ever. It is so important that young women are able to see their value beyond their appearance and social status- but more so, as future leaders. Our young women need to be empowered by seeing and hearing about the strength of other women who fight the same battles and have overcome the challenges to make themselves and their world a better place. The Finding the Fabulous conference is an incredible opportunity for young women to find courage and strength as they learn about how fabulous they are! As an educator, a coach, and a mother- I would strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone looking to promote leadership, community, self-awareness, and service to the young women in their lives!"

- Barbara Erickson, Basking Ridge School District, NJ

Finding the Fabulous is a wonderful organization that helps edify girls, opening their eyes to the fabulous girls they are, and the fabulous women they can become! Founder, Lauren Curiotto, possesses qualities that evoke change and has a deep compassion to help girls realize how valuable they really are. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the summer camp, and the girls who participate have a ton of fun, make new friends, and walk away with a new found confidence in themselves. Finding the Fabulous is ... FABULOUS!
— Diana Ferrito, Butler School District, NJ