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Mentorship. Social Good. Sisterhood.

All without leaving your dorm room.

By now you’ve heard a million times that you need a mentor if you want to fulfill your dreams. But let’s be honest—between a full class load, a new internship, that job to pay for gas and a little sliver of social life, how exactly are you supposed to go find a mentor?

Using your time to give back and empower other girls would be great, right? But where do you start and how will you know if you’re making a real impact?

Like-minded, supportive friends who want to live purpose-driven, meaningful lives sounds right up your alley, but what can you do to bring those people together?

The Campus Ambassador program answers these questions with an easy-to-implement, high-impact solution that you can bring to your college campus today.  

Interested in becoming a part of our sisterhood? Silly question, of course you are! Simply fill out the interest form to the right and we'll send you the full details.

Once you've read all the fine print and are ready to make the commitment, you'll get started with 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Register & pay the $50 chapter fee

STEP 2: Schedule your FREE mentorship sessions

STEP 3: Plan your fundraiser

STEP 4: Activate your sisterhood to make an impact

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