Lauren Curiotto

Founder & Chief Dreamer

Lauren became chief dreamer of Finding the Fabulous at 18 when she realized how many girls underestimate the power of choice. Her mission is a big one ... to inspire girls to challenge the status quo, live confidently and change the world ... and it often requires loads of Godiva truffles and long phone calls with her mom to make happen. Lauren graduated with her MA in creative writing from The New School (where she spent time writing poems about people she knows) and with her BA from New York University (where she learned to write papers while sleeping). When she is not consumed with all things Fabulous, Lauren spends her free time binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix, (barely) convincing herself to exercise and forgetting that she's not supposed to be working. 

Contact Lauren about her speaking availability.  


Karen Berninger

President & Head Happiness Ambassador

Karen has 15+ years experience solving problems of all shapes and sizes without breaking a sweat. To her, giving up is laughable … and boy do we love to hear her laugh. One of Karen's greatest talents is identifying the unique traits that make every person on our team an effective contributor. You are special and she can tell you exactly why. Karen’s perfect day in the office would include getting a pedicure, celebrating every bit of potential good news and being ahead of schedule. When she is not keeping everyone on task, Karen is out discovering the next best pair of shoes.

Arlene Armando.jpg

Arlene Armando

Secretary & Brainstorm Genius

Arlene has made several fearless career leaps from English Extraordinaire to Morgan Stanley financial maven to Supermom of three. With the same bravery she joined Fabulous to help us brainstorm bigger ideas and better solutions. She keeps her ear to the ground and keeps us in tune with what parents need and girls want from our programs. You can thank her for those awesome early registration discounts! When Arlene is not bending time and space with her mind, she can be found … correction, she can’t be found because she is never in one place for long enough. But we bet there’s some singing involved. 

Louis Cicerchia

Treasurer & Numbers Guru

Lou lends his expertise from years working in the consumer products industry and on Wall Street to decode financial mumbo jumbo, act as our well-dressed human calculator and help us think strategically about how to make the biggest impact possible. With Lou, there is no such thing as dreaming too big when the right plan is in place. He earned his MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and when he is not answering our confusing questions, Lou is busy planning for the next fantasy sports draft months in advance.