Not Your Average Bucket List

If you're looking to spruce up your bucket list, try these on for size ...

  1. Go one week without telling myself I'm not good enough
  2. Write cards to 5 friends that I've been meaning to send a kind word to
  3. Let someone take photos of me without criticizing a single shot
  4. Go makeup-less and feel good about it
  5. Try something outside my comfort zone (boxing, coding, knitting ... my zone is pretty small)
  6. Apologize and clear up that little spot of guilt that just won't go away
  7. Send the email I've been afraid to send because there might be rejection at the other end
  8. Write something for myself. Not because there is a deadline or because anyone will read it
  9. Dedicate a Saturday to helping someone with a project they are working on
  10. Stash away $10 a month to be used exclusively for random acts of kindness
  11. Decide on 3 words that I want to define my personal legacy
  12. Start an annual jar of moments that I am grateful for
  13. Try all new recipes every Thursday for a month
  14. Make spontaneity a priority (is that an oxymoron?)
  15. Compile a "win" folder for when I need a reminder of what a #bossbabe I am

Have some ideas to add to the list? Let us know!